Financial intelligence at your fingertips

We are specialized in financial solutions for small and medium sized companies. However, we do not operate as a financing company but as a connector looking for the best financing solutions for our clients. We facilitate and accelerate the applying process by bringing in vast experience and knowledge of the financing options in the market. Our main goal is to provide valuable financial advice and new funding options for our clients.

Finding the right partners

These days there are plenty of financing options to choose from. Most of the SME entrepreneurs say that the supply is overwhelming but in the same time they feel that banks have turned their backs on them. Many of the entrepreneurs have been forced to seek funding online rather than relying on their bank. The problem is that internet is filled with different service providers and making a pick is usually a tough one. There are a lot of different financing tools available for companies but making comparisons between them very tricky. This is where we can help by analyzing your company's situation and suggesting the best financing options and providers

Your financial translator

Entrepreneurs and financial institutions rarely speak the same language and the possibility to get a loan from a bank often fails or becomes more difficult because of a miscommunication or wrong financial figures. This usually happens because there is often not enough know-how or time to focus on the applying process with the necessary meticulousness. Furthermore, many of the entrepreneurs feel that their personal financial understanding may not be on the required level to be able to find the best solutions for their company, nor do they know how to present their company’s figures to the lenders in the best possible way.

We act as an interpreter and intermediary between the entrepreneur and the financial world. Our customers can always rely on our expertise and ability to translate the language of the financial institutions into more commonly used and easy to understand terms. There will no longer be misinterpretations or mistakes while trying to figure out which option out of plenty will be the best one for your company’s needs.

Bringing clarity

We know how to present complex financial figures and statements in an understandable way. Our main goal is to create tangible value to our clients. According to our 4.8 / 5 customer rating* we are on the right track. With us it’s always easy to communicate in an understandable language - with real names and terms - without jargon

Let us know how we can help your company and let’s start building the future today!


* Customer survey Jan 2017: 4.8 out of 5 customers say they would recommend MBB Group's SME services.